FORGIVENESS: Between The Lines

While many of my poems are based on completely fictitious circumstances or scenarios, albeit often with a “projected I” in the balance, FORGIVENESS reflects an actual incident employed here as a metaphor for the ephemeral nature of poetry and the elusiveness of language. Fact is, I was, indeed, writing a poem about forgiveness when my […]

Welcome Poetry Lovers!

Welcome to my new website. I hope you visit often! I want to use this blog space to talk about poetry and to dialogue about all things artistic, but particularly about poetry and spoken word art. And you get to comment back! Certainly I want to hear from poetry lovers in Canada, North America and […]

Poem In Your Pocket Day

National Poetry Month comes to something of a crescendo today with Poem In Your Pocket Day. Originally invented by the Academy of American Poets, the Day provides a superb opportunity for people throughout Canada and the world to celebrate poetry in a wide range of ways. In its simplest form, just carry your favourite poem […]

On World Poetry Day 2017

Well, on this World Poetry Day 2017 we seem to find ourselves in quite a spot, don’t we? I won’t ramble on about it. Instead, I give you the new poem below, which I dedicate to lovers and revolutionaries everywhere, both figurative and metaphorical, and all others who seek refuge from the chaos. May peace […]

2016: Of Death And Of Life

Well, that was quite a year, n’est-ce pas?….We lost some great ones in 2016: Cohen, Bowie, Prince, Ali, Michael, Fisher, Gabor, Shandling, Haggard, Wilder, Reynolds, Stones and Democracy. Yes, Stones…..William Deryck, who started off this sad parade in early January 2016, almost an exact year ago. And dad surely was one of the great ones. […]

Leonard Cohen…R.I.P.

There’s not a lot else I can or want to add here to my Tweets and Facebook accounts. As many of you know, I was a huge and devoted Leonard Cohen fan, going way back to my high school days in the ’60s when I came across a slim volume of poetry called Let Us Compare […]